Trap House LA

By Think Tank Gallery (other events)

291 Dates Through Nov 06, 2016

The Story

After being released from his record label, cult punk-rock icon Evan Mayhew retaliates by building a label of his own. Notorious for cutting himself on stage, spitting on his bandmates, and assaulting fans with microphones and stands - his controversial nature has cemented him as an anarchist demigod in the music industry. Men and women from all over the world are tripping over themselves to be a part of Evan's new imprint, lusting for his fame and fast lifestyle. But an insidious evil beyond that of his antics begins to emerge within Evan, as he begins to harness control of others while losing control of himself.


The Details

  • 6 people max per session
  • 30 minutes
  • Game involves special fx cadavers - there will be (fake) blood, dress appropriately
  • Live in-game character (good luck with that)
  • Pre-escape room communications for immersive narrative experience


The Production

Universal Studios Japan's escape room designer Adam Milecivic has come home for 2016's haunt season alongside Evan Hedges with one idea in mind: put an escape room in an art gallery and make escapees into art. Voyeuristic peeks from the gallery outside into a horrific story of human trafficking and organ harvesting inside will give small clues on how to solve the puzzles for you and five of your friends at a time in this 30 minute experience. This escape room integrates technology, special fx make-up / props, and interactive elements that allows participants inside the room and in the gallery to share the experience together.


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